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Russell O' Brien Statement - July 11th 2007 - The Framing Of Robert Murat Intensifies

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Processos VOLUME VIII, pages 1945 to 1946

Witness statement of Russell James O'Brien 2007.07.11
Date: 11 July 2007; Time: 19h15; Place: Praia da Luz
Officer: Paulo F., Inspector

To the matter at hand he said:

--- That he confirms the completeness of his previous declarations given in the present case, giving all of it unchanged as reproduced for this present document.

--- The deponent reaffirms that in truth he met Robert Murat on the night on which Madeleine disappeared. He saw him for the first time about 01h00 on 4 May near to the parking area in front of the main entrance [front door] of the apartment from which Madeleine disappeared.
--- That in the early hours of the morning of 4 May he was speaking with Robert Murat, having
spoken about the circumstances in which Madeleine could have disappeared. He saw him severaltimes that night given that he had stayed [remained] in the area [and] having also seen him speaking with uniformed people.

--- The deponent would like now to inform that at some time he was aware that Robert Murat
assisted police officers [by] being the interpreter.
Therefore, at some time, but already the following morning, it appeared to him, he [ROB] approached Robert Murat having asked him [RM] to give him [ROB] his [RM's] telephone number because he [ROB] considered that at some time he might need the support of that person [RM] given that he spoke Portuguese correctly.
In truth RobertMurat furnished him with his mobile number which the deponent inserted into the calendar/address book of his own mobile phone.
He doesn't recall exactly the time that happened but has the idea that it was already during the morning of 4 May [i.e. it was already daylight].
In an analysis of the calendar/address book of the mobile phone by PJ officers it was verified that the number of Robert Murat was inserted there immediately before number 914..., indicated as being of David Priest.

Questioned the deponent states that David was an Anglican priest [English vicar?] with whom the deponent spoke on the morning of 4 May, and [of/from] whom he had asked his [David P.'s] telephone number.
He recalls that the conversation that he had had with that vicar was accomplished [done/made] already at the end of the morning in the Ocean Club it having been on
that occasion that the deponent introduced that number into his calendar/address book.

--- He has no knowledge of any other facts that might assist in any way the present investigation.

--- The present work was accomplished in the presence of of Mrs. Lieve Van Loock, interpreter who translated all questions and answers.

Nothing more said. Read, ratifies and will sign.

The Framing Of Robert Murat