Tuesday, May 1, 2012

#McCann : RusselO'Brien Rogatory On Mobile Phones

Rogatory interview: Russell O’Brien

1578 “Okay. We erm, move on to phones now”.
Reply “Mmm mmm”.

1578 “Did you have your mobile phone with you in Portugal”?
Reply “I did”.

1578 “And what is the number of it please”?
Reply “xxxxx 25879x”.

1578 “I have a list of numbers here”.
Reply “Mmm mmm”.

1578 “And I’ll ask you in respect of each number who it belongs to”.
Reply “Mmm mmm”.

1578 “If you could answer, who is the user of phone number xxxxx 0166x8”?
Reply “I’d have to check on my phone again to do this if we’re gonna do it err. It’s a bit of a, obviously having done these numbers before, before, obviously there’s two out of five that don’t come up on my phone anyway but. Do you want to do their numbers in reverse order, while this is coming on, because I know that the later ones”.

1578 “Do you want to start at the end and work forwards then”?
Reply “Well yes”.

1578 “Okay the erm, the last one in the list if you like is xxx”.
Reply “Mmm mmm”.

1578 “853”.
Reply “Yeah”.

1578 “80603”.
Reply “Just see if that comes up in my list, that is Professor Anthony NICHOLS, who is a Consultant colleague of mine at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, he, there’s three of us that work on a ward and when it’s fairly tight, cos it’s an Emergency Ward, so it, we’re not, there’s not many if one’s off and I was ringing him to say that, unless there was a very miraculous turn of events there, that we would not be back in time to start work on the Monday, err I’d forgotten that he too was actually away err for a couple of days at the end of that week and he’d actually gone over to France, he’s a very keen cyclist and has a house out there, err and I rang him and he literally answered along the lines of, ‘oh hi Russ, I’m on the bike, I’m in Fra, I’m in France’, or something like that and err, so I, it was useless me talking to him anyway, cos he wasn’t actually at work, so he couldn’t pass on any message, so I rapidly hung up, so it’s probably a twenty second call, or something like that, I didn’t tell him anything about what had happened. I then rang my other colleague, Tom WHITEHEAD”.

1578 “Okay. The erm, the call in particular that you made to him was at ten fifty two”.
Reply “Mmm yeah”.

1578 “On the morning of the fourth of the fifth”.
Reply “Mmm yeah I can remember”.

1578 “So that would fit in with”.
Reply “I was stood on the balcony of the crèche in, in there and I thought well I need to let work know now, cos this was already Friday morning and in terms of being on call, err and my, you know my general nine to five job and also out of hours, I knew I had to make some, you know arrangements quickly, so that the Hospital could cover my absence”.

1578 “Okay. The next number is a land line number”.
Reply “Yeah”.

1578 “xxx 3x44x69”?
Reply “That’s my parent’s home in Merseyside”.

1578 “And who are your parents please”?
Reply “Erm James Robert O’BRIEN and Enid Dorothy O’BRIEN”.

1578 “And whereabouts do they live”?
Reply “They live at xx xxxx, Bromborough, Wirral, Merseyside, xxx xxxx”.

1578 “Do you know who the called party was at eight thirteen am and thirteen forty nine pm on the fourth (inaudible)”?
Reply “Of, to that number”?

1578 “Yes do you know who, who you called”?
Reply “Who I spoke to, I spoke to my, I would have certainly spoke to my mum, my dad usually doesn’t answer the phone as a general rule, I think I spoke to my mum, I mean I don’t know for sure but err, both were calls for my mum, the eight o’clock in the morning one was to let her know, erm because it was breaking on the news, I think we must have seen the eight o’clock bulletin, actually I thought I’d better let my mum know that, that well, a what’s happened and b that it’s not, it’s not Ella and Evie, I don’t know whether there was a name when they shown the initial reports but err, as I said, I think I said, if not today, then on the first interview that my mum had met Madeleine so I, you know, wanted to make sure that they were aware as early as possible and the later call I’d imagine was just to, you know a supplementary you know call, I don’t know whether that was to me from her or from me to her but as you can imagine we, we made an awful lot of phone calls that holiday”.

1578 “Okay. The next one is a mobile again, xxxxx 65x8x1”?
Reply “That’s my mum’s mobile, so actually I’ve got, I think I, I don’t know whether I rang erm the first, whatever, whichever calls to the land line or to that mobile is the earliest, is the call I’ve just described, so erm”.

1578 “Well this was at erm, ten fifty two am”?
Reply “That morning”?

1578 “On the, on the third”.
Reply “On the third, erm well that’s to my mum, it was”.

1578 “So this is before”.
Reply “It probably wasn’t the first call, that’s not the first call, the land line must be the first call then is it”?

1578 “No the land line ones are on the fourth”.
Reply “Right okay”.

1578 “This is on the third at ten fifty two in the morning, ten fifty two am”?
Reply “That’s a text message isn’t it”?

1578 “It is indeed you’re correct yes”.
Reply “Yeah sorry, erm that’s my mum texting me, erm err she often texts me when I’m on holiday after say about, whether she sent it several days before, I don’t remember my erm, my phone being err on a great deal, err I think that was just a text from my mum saying how are things and she has a habit of just sending a relatively mundane, how are yous now and again when we’re on holiday”.

1578 “Would that text message still be on your phone”?
Reply “Err I did for a long period of time, I kept, I’ve got my other phone here, this was my phone at the time”.

1578 “I appreciate it’s been through the washing machine”.
Reply “It’s been through the washing machine, I actually kept a lot of texts erm for a long period of time and it may well have been on there but as I say, this has been, this was submitted to the Portuguese Police in July, err I don’t know whether they took any, any sort of things off it at all, I think they were looking for, to try and see if they could ascertain a time which Robert MURAT’s number was put on it more than anything but erm I no longer have the, the, the err access to this phone but you’re more than, it’s useless to me if anyone wants to try and it’s there”.

1578 “Okay. Next number is a mobile again, XXXXX 7xx842”.
Reply “xxxx 7748”.

1578 “42”.
Reply “Yeah that’s, that, that is not on my sim card as a call, as a, as a known caller”.

1578 “Okay, the erm, the question is erm, did they contact you during your holiday, either personally or by phone”?
Reply “Erm as far as I’m aware not, I mean clearly we’ve been, we’ve been through this before we have”.

1578 “And again you, you needed some assistance there didn’t you”?
Reply “I presume this is actually Bri, this, this was Brian HEALY’S number from what you said the other day, er I’m not, I’m not aware of making a call or receiving a call to Brian HEALY but this number and the, the one other number we’ve not been through, is, is, is, is Susan HEALY’S, Kate’s mum, erm I’ve met, as I said before I’ve met both of them in the past, I met them at, I think just the once before the, before Madeleine went missing and that was at Madeleine’s birthday party, I’d had no, no, no contact with them really until they actually came out. What I think had, has happened is that the first call is to erm Kate’s mum and actually Fiona ringing her on my mobile while we were at Portimão Police Station, cos I think her battery had err, was, was err, was about to give out”.

1578 “So that would be the first mentioned mobile that we moved on from”?
Reply “That we went through the other day yeah so the, the two numbers that I can’t recognise are”.

1578 “xxxxx 01x678”.
Reply “Yeah I presume yeah, erm but I can certainly recall whilst we were sitting waiting to go into be interviewed on the, on the evening of, of Friday, Friday the fourth of May”.

1578 “Yes, it was seven forty three pm”.
Reply “Yeah that Fiona borrowed my, borrowed my mobile for a call, but I haven’t I don’t think I spoke to, to either Sue or Brian until they actually, until people actually came out physically to, to, to Luz in the days after the abduction”.